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Metalworking - manufacture of metal structures

TDG engineering provides a wide range of services for the manufacture and installation of serial and non-standard equipment for various industries. You can get detailed information from our specialists. We invite you to cooperate to place orders for laser cutting of pipe and sheet metal, as well as laser welding and metal marking. We can provide complete solutions for various industries.

We manufacture:
  • shelving;
  • trusses;
  • stanchion
  • Stairs, canopies, awnings;
  • masts canopies;
  • tanks, reservoirs;
  • production of steel tanks;
  • vessels are cylindrical horizontal;
  • other capacitive equipment;
  • cylindrical steel tanks;

Boiler equipment:

  • various boilers;
  • heat exchangers;
  • block modules;
  • chimneys.

Air intake and chimneys

Non-standard equipment

Metalworking - manufacture of metal structures.

Supplier of laser machines

Our company is a supplier of laser equipment, tools, industrial equipment, spare parts, industrial chemistry.

We offer to buy laser machines for cutting sheet metal, laser pipe cutters, manual laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, industrial equipment and tools.

Hylomar - high performance sealants

Our company is the official supplier of Hylomar sealants. You can buy

  • silicone sealant;
  • adhesive sealant;
  • polyurethane joint sealant;
  • anaerobic sealant.

Any surface: for metal, glass or wood. Hylomar sealants are a guarantee of quality. Hylomar is the manufacturer of the best sealants for the industry.

Why over a thousand companies have chosen us?

Direct business with manufacturers will allow you to purchase goods at cost, bypassing intermediary margins of 200-300%.
We work directly with the manufacturers, who conducts a thorough quality control, so you can be sure of the quality of the product and service.
Fast delivery and customs clearance in a short time around the world.
If the product does not meet the declared qualities, you can exchange it within 7 days or return it back.
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